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As the head of Utilities Plant, you will be responsible for overseeing the operation and maintenance of our utilities infrastructure, including high-pressure steam, chilled water, and compressed air systems. Your primary objective is to ensure the continuous and efficient supply of these critical resources to support our industrial campus and its tenants. You will also be tasked with managing a dedicated team of approximately 20-25 crew members, making your leadership and management skills essential for success in this role.

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Founded by Frank Crivello, Phoenix Investors is a national commercial real estate firm based in Milwaukee, WI whose core business is the revitalization of former manufacturing facilities throughout the United States. This strategy leads to positively transforming communities and restarting the economic engine in the communities we serve. The most recent survey conducted by NREI ranked Phoenix Investors as having the 28th largest total industrial real estate portfolio. Today, Phoenix principally specializes in the renovation and repositioning of large, former single tenant industrial facilities throughout the United States that were previously owned by major corporate clients, REITs, or financial institutions.

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    Identifying repeatable opportunities is challenging in today’s environment where news and information are easily transmitted across the globe.

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    Our goal is to find opportunities with the proper risk/reward metrics that allow us to acquire lower risk assets efficiently and to apply our experience and real estate fundamentals to maximize their future potential.

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