Interview with Frank P. Crivello: Phoenix Investors helps bring new life to distressed properties

As reported in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel by Jeff Bentoff, for Phoenix Investors In a wide-ranging interview, Phoenix Investors Chairman and Founder Frank P. Crivello discusses the company’s beginnings, philosophy and two key projects that helped revitalize their communities. Q:  Tell us about Phoenix Investors. A: Phoenix Investors is a national commercial real estate firm based in Milwaukee. Our core business is renovating and repositioning underappreciated former single-tenant Class B and Class C industrial facilities throughout the U.S. The properties we redevelop were previously owned by large companies, Real Estate Investment ... Read More

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Frank P. Crivello of Phoenix Investors Discusses How Urban Blight Remediation Reduces Firearms Violence

As reported in Kenosha News and The Journal Times Most American cities have their share of abandoned buildings, ranging from condemned houses to abandoned warehouses. Studies repeatedly show that these abandoned structures, often referred to as urban blight, contribute to increased local crime. Through public-private partnerships, businesses and municipalities can address these issues by implementing urban blight remediation programs. How Industrial Urban Blight Hurts Neighborhoods Industrial urban blight occurs when an owner abandons a building; as the building falls into disrepair, it becomes blighted. Blighted ... Read More

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Founder Frank P. Crivello Discusses Methods of Crime Reduction

There have been many studies on the connection between crime and abandoned residential properties, but Phoenix Investors has noted that its expansive industrial redevelopments have resulted in crime reduction. “This pattern became quite clear across all states and impacted urban and rural blight in a similar way," said Frank P. Crivello, Chairman & Founder, Phoenix Investors. Read the full story by Kenosha News.

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