Industry Update: The State of Industrial Real Estate

Industrial real estate has experienced a wild ride in the U.S. ever since the global COVID-19 pandemic caused a rush on warehouses to support an e-commerce boom and factories to accommodate supply chain resiliency efforts. As a result, the sector led the pack in commercial real estate (CRE), with investors scrambling to acquire in-demand assets and prospective tenants searching desperately for viable space.  However, the latter half of 2022 brought predictions of economic uncertainty and recession, as well as falling consumer demand. Though industrial rode ... Read More

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The Role of Real Estate in Ultrafast Delivery

While two- or three-day delivery was enough to appease most internet shoppers just a few short years ago, consumers now want online purchases even faster. As a result, online retailers have entered a race for ultrafast delivery, where goods get delivered within hours instead of days. Ultrafast delivery caught on quickly in the grocery sector during the COVID-19 pandemic, but a broader scope of retailers have begun recognizing that their customers want orders as fast as possible. However, same-day delivery poses significant logistics challenges for these ... Read More

Affiliate of Phoenix Investors Acquires Fujifilm Campus

An affiliate of Phoenix Investors ("Phoenix") announced the acquisition of the FUJIFILM ("Fujifilm") Campus in Greenwood, South Carolina. Constructed from the late 80s through the mid-2000s, the Campus includes 11 buildings, 500 acres, and over 2.7 million square feet. Fujifilm has leased back approximately 50% of the Campus; the rest will be marketed for lease to new tenants. Click here to read the full article by MarketWatch.

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