Your 3PL Can Help You Prepare for the Next Disruptive Event

A “Black Swan” event is the name given to the occurrence of something completely unexpected with an extreme impact. The most recent example is the COVID-19 pandemic, which all but broke a fragile global supply chain in 2020—a supply chain that is only just now recovering. This occurrence has resulted in dramatic shifts in supply chain management philosophies as industry professionals hope to build resiliency into their global networks and better prepare themselves to mitigate unexpected disaster the next time it strikes. Due to the ... Read More

What Does a “Cool Down” in Industrial Mean?

Industrial real estate has seemed like an unstoppable force, driven by a need for fulfillment centers to fuel an e-commerce boom. However, as an economic slowdown caused two consecutive quarters of GDP decline, many experts began to believe the United States was either entering or already experiencing a recession. Furthermore, skyrocketing inflation caused consumers to ease up on spending, indicating that the e-commerce boom was waning. Additionally, Amazon, a key driver of industrial growth throughout the pandemic, has backed off its rapid fulfillment center expansion strategy ... Read More

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Is Industrial Real Estate Recession-Proof?

The official definition of a recession says that the economy is in a recession if the country’s gross domestic product declines for two consecutive quarters. Under this definition, the United States entered an economic recession during the summer of 2022. However, some experts argue that low unemployment, record corporate earnings, and GDP growth in Q3 indicate that the U.S. is not yet in a recession. Unfortunately, whether we’re in a recession right now may be a moot point, as many economists agree that a recession ... Read More

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