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Phoenix Investors is committed to supporting our host communities. Our primary business model promotes economic growth in communities struggling after the closure of a major industrial employer through the renovation and revitalization of these facilities. Phoenix’s focus and passion provides the spark to re-start the economic engine within impacted local communities. As a stakeholder in these host communities, Phoenix Investors strategically and financially assists local community and faith based organizations to fulfill their missions. In combination with public partners, Phoenix actively supports the removal of blighted property within host communities through the direct purchase and demolition of blighted properties. Our core focus and principles improve safety and economic activity in the communities Phoenix Investors serves.


Phoenix Investors Buys Former Manufacturing Plants

July 12th, 2022|Anthony Crivello, Articles, David Marks, Frank Crivello, Frank P. Crivello, Giving Back, Kurt Jensen, Milwaukee, Phoenix Team, Press Releases|

As published by Barbra Murray for Commercial Property ExecutiveThree industrial facilities increase the company’s portfolio by 1 million square feet.Phoenix Investors continues to expand its portfolio, most recently adding three industrial properties via three separate transactions. ... Read More

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We at Phoenix Investors believe that a healthy commitment to the well being of our community is a vital component of our business. To facilitate this commitment, we are always looking for new groups to partner with for the betterment of our community. If your group would like to be considered for a charitable partnership with us, please fill out this form.


    Identifying repeatable opportunities is challenging in today’s environment where news and information are easily transmitted across the

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    Our goal is to find opportunities with the proper risk/reward metrics that allow us to acquire lower risk assets efficiently and to apply our experience and real estate fundamentals to maximize their future potential.

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