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Can a 3PL Help With Your Fulfillment Labor Shortage?

The supply chain struggled with labor issues long before the rest of the corporate world caught on to the trend. Unfortunately, those numbers haven’t improved after several years of unprecedented supply chain volatility. For example, warehouses struggled with a 49% turnover rate in 2021, while transportation has famously suffered from a truck driver shortage for almost two decades. Industry-wide labor shortages make it difficult for fulfillment centers to stay properly staffed, and logistics operations aren’t alone. More than 4 million U.S. workers quit their jobs ... Read More

4 Ways the Great Resignation is Impacting Industrial Real Estate

Most of the world is currently dealing with a phenomenon known as “The Great Resignation.” This name refers to an ongoing trend of corporate employees quitting their jobs in large numbers due to inadequate pay or benefits, cost of living in their region, COVID-19 health policies, desire for remote work, general job dissatisfaction, and many other reasons. While the labor market will inevitably find ways to correct itself, the timing of when this could happen remains fuzzy. In the meantime, every labor market segment is ... Read More

How Do Supply Chain Issues Impact Industrial Real Estate Availability?

The landscape for industrial properties looks very different than it did several years ago, largely due to continuous adjustments within the industry in response to major world events. A U.S. - China trade war, a global pandemic, and worsening natural disasters have all played some role in disrupting the supply chain and, consequently, shaping the industrial sector. Although the global supply chain has shown signs of improvement in recent months, years of supply chain volatility have created a lasting impression on industrial real estate. The ... Read More

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