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Not in My Backyard: Warehouse Edition

It's no secret that warehouses may produce excess noise, generate vehicle traffic, and otherwise inconvenience occupants of surrounding residential areas. However, a warehouse boom continues to grip the country as retailers seek to meet ever-growing demands for e-commerce fulfillment. In the face of excessive demand, developers and other industrial real estate stakeholders have been forced to seek properties outside traditional industrial areas. As warehouses spring up nearer to residential properties, those residents have begun to push back with a battle cry that's hardly new to ... Read More

Does Your Logistics Provider Improve Your Customer Experience?

Despite the comeback of brick-and-mortar retail in 2022, e-commerce has secured its place as an essential channel for customers. However, just as a retail clerk having a bad day or a dirty store might ruin the customer experience for shoppers, so can wrong, missing, or poorly packaged items in response to an online purchase. Hybrid shoppers have come to expect the same quality service online that they receive in a store, which makes your fulfillment house an extension of your overall brand. When selecting a ... Read More

Can a 3PL Help With Your Fulfillment Labor Shortage?

The supply chain struggled with labor issues long before the rest of the corporate world caught on to the trend. Unfortunately, those numbers haven’t improved after several years of unprecedented supply chain volatility. For example, warehouses struggled with a 49% turnover rate in 2021, while transportation has famously suffered from a truck driver shortage for almost two decades. Industry-wide labor shortages make it difficult for fulfillment centers to stay properly staffed, and logistics operations aren’t alone. More than 4 million U.S. workers quit their jobs ... Read More

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