Kurt Jensen

Can Blighted Properties Provide New Industrial Inventory?

The industrial real estate sector has been plagued by a shortage of new inventory thanks to a confluence of events that includes the COVID-19 pandemic, building material supply disruptions, labor shortages, a continuing run on e-commerce fulfillment centers, and much more. As a result, industrial stakeholders have gotten creative in the face of adversity by converting commercial properties, building vertical warehouses, and spreading inventory across numerous micro-fulfillment centers. Despite the innovation happening over the past two years, many industry stakeholders have overlooked blighted industrial properties ... Read More

Exceptional Returns Management is No Longer Optional

E-commerce returns have long been a thorn in the side of e-commerce fulfillment. With most of the focus on what’s going out the door, online sellers have traditionally paid little attention to what came back in. Now, however, customers demand that the retail brands they support have a free and easy returns process for goods purchased online. To that end, it’s up to online sellers to integrate returns management capabilities seamlessly into fulfillment operations. However, mastering returns may be easier said than done, with consumers ... Read More

How to Find a Warehouse in 2022

Warehouse vacancy in the United States reached 4.1% in the first quarter of 2022 and is even lower in major markets and near ports. With industrial real estate demand expected to far outweigh supply for a few more years at a minimum, finding new warehouse space can feel pretty intimidating. The following tips will help you find the storage space you need in a tight market. 4 Tips for Finding a Warehouse in a Low-Vacancy Market Expanding your warehouse footprint in 2022 will take more ... Read More

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