Anthony Crivello

If You Can’t Find Industrial Real Estate, Use Your 3PL

The industrial real estate shortage has become a critical challenge for e-tailers and retailers alike as e-commerce activity continues to hold at record levels. Online vendors need to locate inventory closer to their customers to reduce shipping costs and accommodate consumer demand for quick delivery, but warehouses and fulfillment centers around the United States have record low vacancy. When good properties do become available, they are asking for record high rents—especially in urban markets. Given these facts, keeping product close to customers is easier said ... Read More

What Does “Made in America” Mean for Industrial Real Estate?

Ongoing supply chain disruptions stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic have caused American companies to consider reshoring production and logistics assets to U.S. soil. The Biden administration has openly supported these initiatives in its 2022 budget by proposing $600 billion in funding to support U.S.-based manufacturing jobs. President Biden also established an official Made in America office by executive order in January 2021 to promote reshoring initiatives and encourage U.S. businesses to source domestically. While e-commerce continues to dominate the industrial real estate sector, onshoring efforts ... Read More

The Importance of Giving Back to the Communities You Operate In

As industrial business leaders and property owners focus on their own operations, it’s sometimes easy to forget that all businesses exist as part of a larger community. Without the support of the cities and towns they operate in, industrial businesses wouldn’t have the resources, infrastructure, or workforce necessary to bring their products and services to the market. Finding ways to give back helps business leaders build a better community and a better place to work. The Benefits of Giving Back to the Community It’s essential ... Read More

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