Anthony Crivello

Warehouse Hoarding: Is Industrial Real Estate the New Toilet Paper?

Remember the first half of 2020 when our biggest fear was running out of toilet paper? It was something we all needed, and there wasn't enough to go around. That realization caused consumers to panic-buy as much toilet paper as they could before it ran out, further contributing to the growing toilet paper shortage. The industrial real estate sector is seeing a similar trend right now with warehouses. Warehouse capacity remains at record lows across the United States, while demand keeps rising. As projections for ... Read More

The Future of Industrial Real Estate Needs Smarter Warehouses

Over the past several decades, science fiction movies have featured all kinds of things once thought unimaginable, such as robots, self-driving vehicles, and fully automated factories. As we reach a point where these fantasies have become a reality, the industrial real estate sector must look toward a smarter future. This article will discuss some innovative new features found in warehouses and what property owners can do to support them.  What Does a Smart Warehouse Look Like?  A “smart warehouse” is so-named because it relies runs ... Read More

2022 Looks Like Another Strong Year for Industrial Real Estate

While the COVID-19 had a devastating impact on countless industries, industrial real estate has weathered the storm well since the pandemic began in 2020. Whereas office, retail, commercial real estate sectors have struggled, industrial real estate owners, investors, and other stakeholders have found themselves well-positioned to thrive. This article will explore some trends that will help industrial properties remain a hot commodity this year. Industrial Prepares for Another Banner Year The driving forces behind industrial real estate demand will continue in 2022 and beyond. As ... Read More

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