As originally published by NewsChannel 34.

Phoenix Investors is receiving a big boost in its effort to clear away some of the dilapidated factory buildings on the Huron Campus.

Phoenix is getting 6 million dollars in Restore New York state funding to tear down 550 thousand square feet of vacant industrial space at the northeast corner of North Street and McKinley Avenue.

Removing the former IBM buildings will make space for a 10-acre, shovel-ready site for one or more of the businesses interested in expanding on the Huron Campus.

Phoenix already removed an enclosed walkway over McKinley that connected the vacant buildings with the rest of the campus.

Mayor Linda Jackson says the company is working through the red tape preparing for the demolition.

“It’s a very big job, worrying about air contamination and remediation. So, they have a lot of hoops to jump through and that’s what they’re working on now, to get all the legalities done,” she said.

The money from the state was originally intended to pay for the demolition of the former K-Mart building near Jennie F Snapp Middle School.

However, Green Mountain Electric has decided to refurbish the structure and is receiving 350 thousand dollars from Restore New York toward the project.