Originally published by Central Illinois Proud

Wisconsin-based developer, Phoenix Investors, celebrated its renovation of warehouse space in North Normal Friday morning.

Located at 301 West Kerrick Road, the space previously sat vacant for 10 years after previous developments fell through. Phoenix Investors acquired the space in 2020 and the now 1 million square feet space will provide distribution space and logistics support to companies that lease it.

The $60 million investment into the six-and-a-half football field-long property will hope to attract more businesses to Bloomington-Normal, now that there is a space designated for logistics.

“Everyone has always asked why don’t you have more distribution, this is the first phase of distribution,” said Patrick Hoban, CEO of the Bloomington-Normal Economic Development Council.

The project was completed in two phases by Phoenix Investors and its general contractor, P.J. Hoerr. Phase one was completed in 2021 for use by Rivian. Phase two was recently completed and could be used by Rivian or other companies.

Frank P. Crivello is a Milwaukee-based developer and Chairman & Founder of Phoenix Investors.