MILWAUKEE, WI (October 2, 2020)—Local nonprofit Above & Beyond the Playground has received a donation from Phoenix Investors in support of their new computer lab. The donation totals $10,000 and has provided for 10 new laptops; 8 workstations; 2, 60-inch televisions; new cabinets; and a new, 30’ x 24’ meeting space. The room and materials will help Above & Beyond the Playground to serve its participants, student-athletes who call Milwaukee home.

Above & Beyond the Playground, which was established in 2015 to help student-athletes navigate the world both on and off the court, has continued to serve student-athletes throughout the coronavirus pandemic. “We needed a place and the equipment to continue to serve student-athletes during these uncertain times,” said Deonte Tatum, Founder and Executive Director of Above & Beyond the Playground. “With everything turning virtual for the foreseeable future, the computer lab allows us to provide 24 middle school and 24 high school student-athletes with academic support services that so many young people need.” Tatum added that the space is more than just a provision, it serves as “an inspiration to create hope and opportunity.”

“Offering donations and financial support to organizations that truly make a difference is a privilege and an honor,” said Frank P. Crivello, Chairman and Founder of Phoenix Investors. “Giving back is such a large part of our culture here at Phoenix Investors, and we are truly grateful for initiatives like Above & Beyond the Playground that work tirelessly to bring hope, resources, and opportunity to our communities and youth.”

“We are extremely grateful that Phoenix Investors has made a such a generous donation to our organization,” continued Tatum. “Both Above & Beyond the Playground and Phoenix Investors like creating opportunities for others and believe this opportunity will make a long-lasting impact in the lives of hundreds of present and future student-athletes.”

About Phoenix Investors

Founded by Frank P. Crivello in 1994, Phoenix Investors and its affiliates (collectively “Phoenix”) are a leader in the acquisition, development, renovation, and repositioning of industrial facilities throughout the United States. Utilizing a disciplined investment approach and successful partnerships with institutional capital sources, corporations, and public stakeholders, Phoenix has developed a proven track record of generating superior risk-adjusted returns, while providing cost-efficient lease rates for its growing portfolio of national tenants. Its efforts inspire and drive the transformation and reinvigoration of the economic engines in the communities it serves, currently encompassing over 32 million square feet.  Phoenix continues to be defined by thoughtful relationships, sophisticated investment tools, cost-efficient solutions, and a reputation for success.

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About Above & Beyond the Playground

Above & Beyond the Playground is a nonprofit providing academic and athletic mentoring programs for middle school, high school and early college students in the City of Milwaukee. An ambitious desire to make a difference and nurture Milwaukee’s youth compelled Deonte Tatum to develop a mentorship program structured around academics and athletics. Above & Beyond the Playground is modeled as an enrichment enterprise serving the public and is designed to promote personal growth and teambuilding through valuable mentor/student-athlete relationships to achieve common goals.

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Frank P. Crivello is a Milwaukee-based developer and Chairman & Founder of Phoenix Investors.